F1 Wagyu Beef Striploin Steak | MB:4-5  | 2cm | 260-280gm | (澳洲F1和牛)西冷牛排切2厘米 | AU

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F1 WAGYU BEEF STRIPLOIN STEAK | MB: 4-5 | 2CM | 260-280GM/PKT | (澳洲F1和牛)西冷牛排切2厘米 | AU

  • $42.00 /PKT

Product: F1 Wagyu Beef Striploin Steak | MB:4-5  | 2cm | 260-280gm

Country of Origin: Australia 澳大利亚

Unit of Measure: PKT

Packing: Vaccum Pack


Sanchoku Wagyu is coveted on restaurant menus around the globe thanks to its rich, buttery flavour and consistent outstanding quality.

Authentic Japanese Wagyu customs align in harmony with Stanbroke’s contemporary breeding approach resulting in consistent quality Wagyu cattle.

A fusion of cultures and progressive grading practices consistently produce richer, fully flavoured and marbled Wagyu beef.



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